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    Home activities

    The home offers activities tailored to the education system,
    The security system, for organizations and the general public.

    The house and its exhibits highlight landmarks in the period before the establishment of the state and in the years that followed. Chapters in the vision and legacy of David Ben-Gurion are revealed in the house, ones that shaped the image of the state and are relevant to our lives even today.

    Pre-registration activities.

    בחרו את קטגוריית הפעילות
    בחרו את נושא הפעילות


    A visit to the house – Ben-Gurion’s riddles

    An independent visit to the Ben-Gurion House
    Sun - Sat
    Free entry


    Book a group tour

    A tour specially adapted for groups, during the tour we will be exposed to the private character of David Ben-Gurion.


    Senior training

    The Ben-Gurion House in Tel Aviv invites senior officials from the Ministry of Defense and the IDF to dive together into the writings and leadership of David Ben-Gurion.
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