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    Declaration of accessibility – Ben-Gurion House

    The site is undergoing another process to adjust accessibility at level AA.

    We invest heavily in making the website accessible and consider it of paramount importance to provide an equal service to all our surfers, including people with disabilities.

    The site is accessible by the One Click Accessibility plugin, and these are the applications of the site accessibility plugin:

    • Enlarge and reduce text on the site
    • Hue change – shades of gray
    • Contrast change – reverse contrast
    • Contrast change – high contrast
    • Background change – light background
    • Highlighting links
    • Readable font
    • Link to site map / feedback / help pages
    • Direct transition to content
    • Adding focus to elements
    • Add a landmark to all links
    • Option to change design

    Physical accessibility arrangements

    • Accessibility of the ground floor of Beit Ben-Gurion by a ramp, and the second floor by an accessible staircase.
    • handicapped bathroom.
    • Disabled parking in front of the entrance Sunday through Friday.

    Inquiry regarding accessibility

    For any inquiries and questions you can contact us at 03-5221010 or send an email to [email protected] .

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